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The sole purpose of RockView Entertainment's artist development services is to work with the artist in helping the artist become the best artist they can be. These efforts are to help the artist be able to push their career in a forward direction.

Services are delivered quarterly (Jan-Mar // Apr-June // July-Sept // Oct-Dec)

Services Include

    • 3 Consultation Sessions (In Regards to Business, Artistry, Image & more)
  • Social Media Assistance & Promotion
  • Perform at any RockView Entertainment curated event (non partnered event) during time period free of charge and be paid off generated guests. Discounted charge for RockView Entertainment partnered events.
  • 1 Photo Shoot
  • Headline a RockView Entertainment curated event at end of 3 month term. Will receive percentage on entire event based on offer from RockView entertainment.

There can be additional services added as needed based on artist's needs. Services listed here are the guaranteed services. Additional services do not warrant extra payment unless agreed upon between developer and artist. Additional services can include attending recording sessions, rehearsal sessions and more to aide in the development.

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